Saturday, January 28, 2012

Lunch with Ustaz and coursemates

(the lady in turquoise tudung brought the pavlova)
(My ustaz Abdullah Bukhari Abdul Rahim with his wife and children)

After attending our tafsir and tilawah class at UIA Gombak, we all drove to Kak Leha Kel Food Restaurant at Taman Melati.  This restaurant was beside the MRR2 highway, and since we were driving from UIA into the highway, we had to make a U-turn at the underpass towards Setapak.  

I reached the venue first and so had to wait for the others to come.  Luckily there was an empty parking lot infront of the restaurant.  Since our 'Penghulu' (head of class) had already made bookings I easily found our table in the huge restaurant.  There were twenty of us including our Ustaz and his family.  

Lunch was served as soon as Ustaz and his family arrived.  We had plain rice with ikan kembong bakar, ulam with sambal belacan, kerabu perut and kerabu mangga, mixed vegetables, ayam percik and daging masak kicap.  As for quenchers, most of them had fruit juices.  As for me, I asked for hot water (large mug) and dip my sachet of Green Tea.  I do not drink iced or chilled juices.  I prefer to drink warm sky juice!

Then for dessert, one of my coursemate brought a 'Pavlova' which her daughter made.  This was the first time I was eating this PavlovaIt was delicious! Melt in my mouth....the toppings were passion fruits, strawberries and ?? (wonder what are the dark coloured fruits....)

(the pavlova)

When it was time to end the event, our honourable ustaz received a gift from all of us.  We then bid farewell to Ustaz and his family.  I too bid farewell to my coursemates and hope to meet again in March when our new semester begins.... 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Revive a Sunnah

✦REVIVE A SUNNAH ⇨ Attending funerals and offering the funeral prayer ✦

It was ...narrated that Abu Hurayrah (may Allaah be pleased with him) said: The Messenger of Allaah (sallAllahu 'alyhi wasallam) said •► “Whoever attends a funeral until he offers the (funeral) prayer will have one QIRAAT (of reward) and whoever attends until the burial is done will have two QIRAATS.” It was said: “What are the two qiraats?” He (sallAllahu 'alyhi wasallam) said •► “Like two great mountains!”

[Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 1261; Muslim, 945]

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✦ REVIVE A SUNNAH ⇨ "REVIVING ASPECTS OF THE SUNNAH IS A DEED THAT WILL BRING AN IMMENSE REWARD" ✦ The Prophet (peace and blessing of Allaah be upon him) said:► "Whoever revives an aspect of my Sunnah that is forgotten after my death, he will have a reward equivalent to that of the people who follow him, without it detracting in the least from their reward." [Reported by al-Tirmidhi, 7/443; this is a hasan hadeeth because of corroborating asaaneed].

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Badruzzaman's 24th Birthday

Badruzzaman (my eldest son, but third among his siblings) celebrated his 24th birthday today.  His birthday this year falls on the 2nd day of Chinese New Year.  According to the Chinese calendar, he was born in the year of the Dragon....

We got him a small  (1 kg) Black Forest Cake for his birthday.  Kak Long (Siti Khadijah) and Khairulzaman were not around when Badruzzaman cut his birthday cake.  Kak Long was at work whilst Khairulzaman had returned to his university.  We bought the cake at a bakery shop in Kajang Prima.

Whilst we were eating the cake, Badruzzaman suddenly asked me whether I could still recall how he was born 24 years ago.  I said, sure I remembered very well..... For you my son, here is the story...

Your dad, kak long and kak ngah (Siti Ayeshah) were watching a Pink Panther cartoon video that night.  I was on the sofa bed with Kak Long and Kak ngah whilst dad was lying on the carpet, when kak long suddenly pulled at my sarong and said, "Yang, yang kencing eh, kain yang basah..." (Yang (my two daughters called me that when they were toddlers), your sarong all wet, you peed eh..).

I quickly got up and realized my water-bag had burst....water was dripping between my thighs.....My husband panicked and asked whether the baby is going to come out..I said, "No lah dear....still got time....".  So I told him to go get our car at the garage while I packed the childrens' clothes for their stay at my brother-in-law's house in Gombak.  My bag for my stay at the hospital was already in the car booth (it was in the car booth since last month!).

We were staying at 11th mile Cheras Road at that time and there were no highways to take us to Gombak.  Luckily it was already past midnight and there were hardly any traffic.  When we reached Gombak, it was almost 1am.  We had to wake my bro-in-law and his wife and apologised for troubling them.  I dared not get out of the car to bid goodbye to my two daughters because I was afraid my baby would suddenly 'drop' if I stood.  My sister-in-law was a midwife at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital so she assured me I would not deliver so soon....

But my husband did not want to take any chances and drove me to the hospital like a race car driver.....I told him to stay calm and drive safely....When we finally reached Pantai Medical Centre, we went straight to the Labour wards.    The ward sister attended to me and notified my Doctor Maheswaran (Mrs).   My labour pains started from 3am....hubby was with me all the time...holding my hands, stroking my head and praying for me too.

Abang (Badruzzaman), you finally came into this world at 6.03am.  When the doctor put you into my arms...the Azan Subuh (call for Fajr prayers) were heard in the distance, since the Universiti Malaya mosque was nearby.  Dad took you in his arms and recite the Azan on your right ear and the Qamat on your left ear... Then Dad went to the mosque for Fajr prayer.

The ward nurse than took you away, and when you were returned to me, I began to breastfeed you..... I breastfed you everyday for twenty months, would have completed the last four months, but I was already expecting your little brother by then....

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My folding bicycle

I went to the stadium over the weekend to try out the folding bike I bought on eBay Msia.  Kak Long, my eldest daughter accompanied me.  We had to use the Toyota hilux since my car could not accommodate the folding bicycle.  When I tried to put the bike into my car, the handles could not go in….and there was no way to shorten the handle by pressing it down.
So….I may have to buy the Reebok folding bike which I saw at Alamanda shopping mall in Putrajaya.

Anyway, when I rode the bike, it was wonderful….. Of course, since this was the first time I was trying it out, I dare not increase my riding speed.  I did not want to get injured on my first try… Also there was no problem riding on the track either…So, I managed to cycle for about half an hour, going round and round the track.

Well, I was not cycling alone either….there were other cyclists too...very young ones, and when they completed one round…I only did half!! Hehehe…. Anyway, I felt safe cycling at the stadium.  If I were to cycle on the road, there were too many vehicles and plus the fumes I had to inhale…. Well, till I get a buddy to cycle with me, I would love to try cycling along the LEKAS highway…less traffic and also the highway very straight one…no hill until you reach Mantin….

The Reebok folding bike cost more than RM1,000, around RM1,200; so I may have to safe my allowance to purchase it.  Hopefully within the next two months… My eldest daughter said she will chip in too so that I could get the bike earlier….God Willing…

I also cycle in the evening i.e. after  fetching Sofiyah from school.  I only cycle around the neighbourhood…again, no traffic within the area.  Wish some of my neighbours would join me…but alas, none are willing…..

When I was cycling at the stadium, there were a few joggers on the track and how I wish I could run like before.  Its a lot easier to run...I only need a pair of running shoes, no problem with that... But then, again, its my heel....I have been taking Arcoxia daily now...and I am down to my last pack.  After that, I had to see the doctor again...

Sunday, January 15, 2012

My wedding invitation card....

Guess what I found while spring cleaning my book case.....My wedding invitation card tucked between some old birthday cards..... Sure brings back sweet memories of my wedding day almost 30 years ago..... (August 1982).  It was printed using CONQUEROR paper....

Hubby designed the layout before sending it to the printer.  He printed 500 copes for me and 500 copies for himself.  That means there were over 1000 guests at our wedding. On my family side and his..... Well, we sure had a large wedding because we have to invite all our relatives near and far far away.....(Singapore i.e.) hehehe.... and also our friends, former classmates and office colleagues....

At my side of the wedding, I have a few foreign guests from Technip, France. They were my colleagues at MMC Fluor.  The only one I could remember was Mr Dumas.  He came with his wife and children.  My wedding was the first Malay wedding they attended.  They even followed the entourage to the reception on my husband's side...

Well, finding the wedding card really brings back to look for the wedding album...must be some where in the library..... (my home library lah....) 

Saturday, January 14, 2012

My Rambutan Tree - Fruitless!

My three sons together with my husband's two workers, trimmed our rambutan tree on 2nd January 2012.  We managed to collect all the ripen rambutans and gave it to our neighbours.

The two jackfruit trees were also trimmed but our three palm trees were chopped down.  Now, our house compound is visible to all...... I could also view my neighbours' houses from my bedroom window....  Well, I hope all the trees will not die...but continue to grow and bear fruits too.....InshaAllah.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Caught zZzzz at the console....

It was raining Fifi, since she could not go out......and also her favourite couch was already taken...had to make do with the tv console......hehehe....cute Fifi...


Monday, January 9, 2012

Maytower - Studio suite for Rent

I would like to rent my studio unit at Silka Maytower Hotel and Suites, Jalan Munshi Abdullah, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  I will only rent my unit to Muslims regardless from which country they are from.  So far, I have tenants from Iran, Pakistan, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, Sarawak and also from Malaysia. 

My unit is fully furnished, including kitchen utensils and bed linen, also ASTRO (family package). The rent is RM2,200 a month. I welcome short and long term stay.

For further enquiries, please contact me at +60192699394

Thank you.


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Satay Citarasa

I found this recipe in an old newspaper cutting dated December 28 1999.  Well, again, might try it out one day soon......InshaAllah.

300g Australian beef, topside
300g chicken filler
400g squids

Spices (A) Ground and combined
10 shallots
2 cm piece fresh turmeric
4 cm piece galangle
3 cm piece ginger
1/2 tsp ground fennel (jintan manis)
1/2 tsp coriander powder (ketumbar)
1 tbsp chilli paste

Seasoning (B) 
2 tbsp brown sugar
1 tsp salt or to taste
1 tsp thick soy sauce
3 tbsp honey
2 tbsp thick coconut milk

Bamboo satay skewers, soaked overnight for several hours

Sauce harmoni - combined ingredients (C)
1 tbsp fresh chilli paste
2 tbsp dried chilli paste
8 shallots, ground
5 cloves garlic, ground
1 tsp belacan powder granules
1/2 cup asam jawa mixed with 1/2 cup water)
1 tbsp lime juice
3 tbsp castor sugar
1 tsp salt or to taste
1/2 cup roasted peanut, coarsely ground

1 pandan leaf, knotted
1 stalk lemon grass, smashed
4 tbsp oil

Cut beef into 2cm strips.  Cut chicken fillet into 2cm strips.  Remove ink bags from squids.  Cut into 2cm slices.

Marinate the meat and squid with combined spices (A) and seasoning (B).  Refrigerate for several hours, preferably overnight.

Add 2 tablespoons of oil to the marinated ingredients.  Thread meat and squids onto the skewers.  Reserve the remaining marinade for glaze when grilling or bbq the meat until well browned and cooked.

To prepare the sauce
Heat oil in a wok and fry ingredients (C), pandan leaf and lemon grass till aromatic. Add coconut milk, asam jawa juice and lime juice.

Bring to a gentle boil and simmer until oil rises to the top.  Stir in ground peanuts, sugar and salt.  Serve sauce with satay meat.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sofiyah's New School Year

 (rows and rows of freshies.....)

 (Sofiyah with her brother, Wahiduzzaman)

 (Sofiyah in her new secondary school uniform)

 (me with Sofiyah)

 (All alone.....)

The new school term begins today and so I accompanied Sofiyah to her new school where she will be studying until Form 5.  She was so sad because she could not find any of her primary school friends in this secondary school.  But I told her not to worry, because she will soon have new friends around her.....

When it was time for me to leave her at the school, I did not have the heart to see her looking so I waited until it was time to enter the classroom with the other students.  I approached her and gave her a hug and a kiss and stroke her head and gave her my blessings....

Well, she had new school uniform, new headscarf, new school shoes, new socks and a brand new NIKE school bag.... Oh yaaa....have to increase her pocket money in secondary school already......(hubby, please take note!)

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