Thursday, May 31, 2018

Iftar and Teraweeh at Slim River

 (View of the Ramadan Bazaar from Room 402. I managed to buy Nasi Ayam Madu for the hotel's Muslim staff for their iftar. As for me, I bought nasi kerabu (all time favourite) and a few kuihs too.  Nasi Kerabu is for my iftar. The kuihs are for after Teraweeh.)

 (Iftar with sisters at Masjid Sultan Idris Shah II, Slim River.  There is also a Masjid with the same name in Ipoh  Here the Iftar is served buffet.)

 (My nasi kerabu. Also three pieces of Ajwa dates. Alhamdulillah)

 (These kuihs I took from the buffet table.  Two pieces epok-epok and a sambal doughnut)

 (The prayer hall, waiting for Teraweeh to begin)

 (Sisters also waiting for Teraweeh to start)

 (It rained the whole day and night too.)

(Our food for sahoor this morning)

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