Friday, August 25, 2017

Omron Micro A-I-R U22 Pocket Nebuliser

My coughing was getting sooooo bad that hubby told me to contact my physician Dr Ong at KPJ Kajang. 

I managed to speak to Dr Ong and when he heard my coughings over the phone, he quickly instructed me to start nebulising and consuming the medicines he normally prescribed for my condition. Bronchiatis attacked me again. 

So after the teleconversation with Dr Ong, hubby took me to Al Nahdi Pharmacy at our hotel mall and bought me the pocket size battery operated Omron Nebuliser which costs SAR1,110. Total cost with its medicine SAR1,271.85

Hubby was very worried with my condition and wants me to get well before Wukuf which is just around the corner. That is why he is willing to spend such a huge amount to ease my suffering and to get well speedily In shaa Allah. 

I have to neb every six hours, a mixture of 1ml Ventolin with 2ml Saline, and to swallow Singular every night before bedtime. Too bad Al Nahdi does not sell Ventolin nebules otherwise easy for me to just use the nebules instead of using a syringe to measure the dosage levels of Ventolin and Saline solution. 

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