Thursday, August 24, 2017

TH Clinic Maktab 81

I was coughing so badly that hubby brought me to the nearest TH Clinic at Maktab 81. 

We left our hotel after breakfast and arrived at the clinic half an hour later.  There were a large number of TH pilgrims also waiting to be treated.  Most of them were coughing like me.

The good doctor prescribed cough and flu medicine and by the time we left Maktab 81 it was almost Zuhr.

When we reached Haram, Azan Zuhr echoed throughout Mecca. During Hajj the Imam will immediately began Zuhr prayers after Azan.

Hubby and I could not enter Haram so we did our solat just outside Haram in the sweltering heat.  Alhamdullillah there were cooling fans everywhere outside Haram thus cushioning us from the afternoon sun.

After solat we had our lunch at level 6 Al Fayad Restaurant. On our way back to our room, I took a few pictures of the villas on level six.

Then when I open my family group Watsapp, there was this cute picture of my grandson Muhammad Zavian which his mom sent. I missed my grandchildren soooooo much. 😢😢😢

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