Saturday, June 4, 2016

URESS Class of '75

Hubby and I left for Pedas after breakfast.  We had a wedding to attend at the Dewan Orang Ramai Pedas.  Hubby also informed me that his ex classmates from year 1975 would like to hold a meeting re their reunion after forty years, at our office since we have a large meeting room.

So our staff Puan Ani helped me prepare light refreshment at our pantry.  Hubby bought Lemang and Beef Rendang for our guests. 

In fact we met most of his ex classmates at the wedding itself since the wedding reception was held by their classmate in honour of his son who got married.

The meeting began at 3pm.  I too joined them since some of hubby's male classmates brought their wives along. So I had to entertain their wives.

Before they left we took a group shot in hubby's room at the office.  😆😆😆

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