Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Ramadan Day Two

This morning I took a quick nap before rushing for Tadarrus at BTHO. When I peek from our bedroom window, hubby's car was not at our porch.  Either hubby already left for work or he sent Sofiyah tuition.

He caught me by surprise when there he was reading NST at the dining table. 😚😚😚

Well, he probably came home from sending Sofiyah tuition when I was in the bathroom.

Anyway....found my touch-n-go card in Wahid's car (after searching high and low over the weekend).  I forgot to retrieve it after driving Wahid's car last Wednesday when I took abah to see the Doc at HTJ Sban (Eye Clinic).

Fearing I may have difficulty parking Mercs at Pn Ros's abode, I parked Mercs under a tree about seventy steps from her house.

Ustaz already began Tadarrus when I arrived.  Today there were seventeen BTHO ladies reciting the Noble Quran.  Each of us read two pages beginning Juzuk Three.  After finishing Juzuk Four, Tadarrus was adjourned.

Sofiyah was already waiting for me when I reached her tuition centre.  I told her to wait in the car while I paid her tuition fees in the office.  It was very embarassing when I pressed the wrong doorbell which was the Senseh shop instead of the tuition centre. 😛😛😛

Well as usual I cooked mee hoon soup (compulsory Iftar dishfor hubby) only available during the fasting month....😆😆😆

Then after solat Maghrib we got ready for solat Eshaq and Teraweeh at Masjid Uniten.  Darling hubby wore his brand new jubah and Wahid took our picture, hubby in his jubah and me in my telekung Made in Bali. ❤❤❤

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