Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Ramadan Day Three

Sofiyah missed her tuition class this morning. Overslept. I should have woke her up before I left for Tadarrus.

Anyway, this morning again I parked Mercs around the area before the junction to Puan Ros's abode.  There was a vacant space right beside the guard house. Syukur.

Puan Ros lead us during Tadarrus since Ustaz could not come.  She could read the Noble Quran very well and understood Tajweed as well.

After Tadarrus I drove home to fetch Sofiyah since she wanted to do Raya shopping.  So we went to Bangi Central.  I am proud to say all the boutiques here are Bumiputras.  Syabas.

Perhaps for this Raya the trend is more to Jubah clothing than baju kurungs.  Luckily Sofiyah managed to purchase two pieces of baju kurungs.  Still, she needs to alter them to fit her skinny frame. 😉

Then Sofiyah wanted to go to this Sisters outlet and she bought a few gurly items. The owner took our photos and said she will instagram it.

After sending her new baju kurungs for alteration we left for home.  While walking to Mercs parked by the roadside, we noticed the Al Hijrah crew giving away free Bubur Lambok sponsored by Pak Etam catering.  We received the bubur lambok in two small plastic containers). Alhamdullillah.

During Iftar there were just three of us, Wahid,Sofiyah and I.  Hubby was in Slim River.

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