Friday, June 24, 2016

Ramadan Day Nineteen

I woke up for Sahoor  this morning feeling lousy yet I did solat Tahajjud as usual.  I cooked fried rice for hubby and our children.  As for me I had hot Milo and one piece of Kurma Miriami.

Today is Khatam Quran at BTHO.  So I drove from home at 8.15am and reached Puan Ros's abode 8.30am.  She gave me the Jubah and tudung to wear during the Khatam.  Puan Sabtuyah helped me put on the coloured tudung. ☺

Ustaz Mohd Faisal (the Imam Satu of Masjid BTHO) arrived soon after and the ceremony began at 9am. Followed by a short Tazkirah and then the presentation of Gifts to all participants. Alhamdullillah.

I then  rushed to fetch Sofiyah at school. When we reached home I took a short nap. 

There were only hubby, kak ngah, and myself for Iftar.  Only hubby went for solat Teraweeh at the Masjid Sg Jelok.  Kak Ngah then sent me to Klinik Kita after we had our solat Eshaq.

The good doctor prescribed antibiotics and flu medicine for my ailment. Will begin taking the medicine during sahoor tomorrow morning In shaa Allah.

We then fetched Sofiyah at her tuition centre.

Pray to Allah SWT that I recover and get well soon. Amiinn.

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