Tuesday, July 21, 2015

0ur First Raya Visitor

We were honoured when Imam Masjid Kajang Tuan Haji Mohd Fazri Ismail and family visited us after eshaq on fifth Raya. Alhamdullillah. He came with his dear mom, lovely wife and two adorable childen and nephew.

Since Imam had informed that he was coming I cooked Liza fried rice and fried mee hoon.  I also fried instant karipap bought from Hjh Maznah.

Hubby was about to leave for solat Eshaq at the Masjid when Imam and family arrived.  So I welcomed his family into our house whilst Imam Fazri and hubby went to the Masjid. It was Imam's turn to lead solat Eshaq at the Masjid.

Then it was a surprise when our nephew Zamrul aka Boy arrived the same time when Imam and hubby returned from the Masjid.  Boy brought dodol and wajiq durian which his mother cooked and also dodol sirat which he bought. Alhamdullillah.

After Imam and his family left, Boy stayed on and we chit chatted until almost 3am.Thank you Imam Fazri and family, and Boy for the Raya visit.

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