Monday, July 20, 2015

Raya Fourth @ Rumah Liza

I cooked fried mee hoon for breakfast this morning.  The children were still sleeping when hubby and I went Raya visiting our next door neighbour.  They were having brunch when we arrived.

They offered us to join them but we thank them since we already had our breakfast.  They were also nice to our young farmhands, always giving them extra food either for lunch or dinner.

When my children had their bath in the new outdoor bathroom, they really enjoyed it even without hot shower, me too....heheehe... Wahid really tickled us when he said if use the toilet in the afternoon better use the left side because of the bright sunlight on the right side.  He knew because he chose the right side when he was using the toilet. 😅😅😅

After our solat zuhur we left Rumah Liza and drove to  Taman Desa Kepong in Kuala Lumpur to visit my Pak Long Tuan Haji Adnan Yunus.

When we arrived we met Kak Lina and family there.  Pak Long has lost weight a lot.  His face was so thin. I felt so sad looking at him.  My Pak Long who called me "katak kembung" fondly when I was little.  O Allah, please forgive all my Pak Long's sins and grant him good health again.  Aamiinn.  Pak Long I love you.

From Pak Long's abode we went to Mak Jang's house at Klana Jaya, but she was not home.  So we returned to Kajang.

Alhamdullillah we reached home safely.

(Photos of Pak Long and Mak Long....courtesy of their daughter Puan Rohaya Adnan)

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