Saturday, May 9, 2015

Kursus Umrah at Tabung Haji

I cooked fried bulls eye eggs with baked beans for hubby,Sofiyah and myself this morning before leaving for our Umrah course at Tabung Haji.  Hubby did not follow us because he had to attend to his livestock business in Pedas.

Sofiyah and I reached Tabung Haji half an hour early.  We went straight to the dewan surau where the Umrah course will be held.

The course lasted three hours.  Alhamdullilah Sofiyah managed to absorb all that was taught by the ustaz.

We then took a cab to Sogo to purchase SunSense sunblock.  But alas....the pharmacy there no longer sells it.  So since we were very hungry we both had our lunch at Kcyros kebab.

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