Friday, May 8, 2015

Nasi Lemak Haji Razak

This morning when i sent Sofiyah to school she wanted to buy our favorite nasi lemak at the junction near the highway. 

But alas......the nasi lemak seller was not at his usual spot.  Sofiyah was was I.

But then....after dropping Sofiyah at school, and I was on the way home, I saw Hj Razak's son selling the nasi lemak.  So  I bought seven packets of Nasi Lemak Haji Razak.  Alhamdullilah. Two for for hubby...two for Badruzzaman and the balance for Sofiyah when she returned from school.

I drove Sofiyah to her dentist for her follow up after we had our solat zuhur.  Dr Pat was not happy with Sofiyah's progress because she has not been wearing her retainers as instructed.  Dr Pat adviced her to continue wearing her retainers 24/7 otherwise Sofiyah's orthodontic is wasted. 

So Sofiyah dear....please listen and abide Dr Pat's professional advice.

On our way home we had teh tarik and lempeng kelapa at R n R Serdang.  Yummy.....

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