Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Mak's Hospital visit

This morning Wahid drove me to Seremban to fetch Mak for her appointment with the Doctor at Pusat Jeriatrik HTJ.

When I reached Mak's abode, Abah was at the gate buying roti pound from the bread seller.  Abah told me the plumbers were repairing the leaking water tank.

I then dress Mak and transferred her from the bed to the wheelchair to the car.  I was thankful because Wahid assisted me during the transferring.  I decided not to bring the wheelchair because there are wheelchairs for patients at Jeriatrik.

Before going to HTJ I told Wahid to drive us to Abah's sinseh shop in Seremban and I bought the ointment he requested.  I bought three bottles.

Then we drove to the pharmacy along Jalan Rasah and I bought ten packs of adult pampers for Mak.  Alhamdullilah the pharmacy gave discount for the items purchased.

When we finally reached Jeriatrik Mak's queue was 26.  She was the second last patient.  Pity Mak have to wait for more than two hours.  Her appointment was at 10am. 

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