Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Madeena mizznina

Kngah is on leave today. She has to go to the Immigration Department at Putrajaya to renew her passport.  She reached there at 7.30 am yet her queue number was 026.  Hehehe.....

I was cooking lunch when she called inviting me to accompany her to Madeena, a Muslimah boutique at Empire Damansara. A family relative is Mizznina's PA.  She is Z, but we fondly call her Adik.

So kak ngah fetch me at home and we drove to Damansara.  We stopped at a Petronas station to solat Zuhur just before the Sg Pencala tunnel.

At Madeena I bought two bottles of perfume and a dress for Sofiyah.

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