Thursday, January 29, 2015

Dryer fall down??

Last week I received a mesaage via whatsapp from my tenant at Maytower.  She told me the dryer fell off the kitchen table top and was no longer functioning.  I was perplexed how the 7kg dryer could fall off the table top.

Anyway I promised her I would replace the dryer soonest.  So....after breaking fast and solat maghrib, Wahid, Sofiyah and I moved our dryer from its place onto our Hilux. 

When we reached Maytower my tenant was at home and she was glad to get the replacement. 

Oh well...the weather has been sunny nowadays so I do not need a dryer for now.  Perhaps when the rainy season begins....time for me to get a new dryer.

Meanwhile......the broken dryer I will send for repair and hopefully it can resume its function and not become obsolete. on earth did the dryer fall down??....

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