Monday, June 20, 2016

Ramadan Day Fifteen

Today hubby and I went to Tmn Tun for Iftar and Teraweeh at hubby's boss residence. 😆

We went after sending Sofiyah to her tuition centre. Wahid still in Ipoh. his on leave today.  When I called him he told me he would be home tonight.

When I attended Tadarrus this morning...again no pictures....well maybe Chief not in the mood. But she did mention that from tomorrow we need to pack the door gifts for our Khatam Quran Friday.

Traffic was heavy on our way to Tmn Tun.  But we reached about ten minutes late.  The event has yet to begin.

Alhamdullillah after reciting Surah Yaasin, Iftar, Solat Maghrib.....we continued our dinner. 

Then solat Eshaq followed with Teraweeh.  The Imam did twenty rakaats Teraweeh.  Alhamdullillah. First time since the first night of Teraweeh. ☺

Then our host gave a wonderful speech for his lovely wife since it was her birthday too. 😊

We were given door gifts and each of us received a copy of the Noble Quran.  Alhamdullillah I could begin reciting this gift since I already Khatam yesterday (took me five months!).

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