Friday, January 1, 2016

Welcome 2016....Adios 2015....

The year that was....

Refresh December 2015 
Hubby, Sofiyah and I did our Umrah from Monday December 7 to Wednesday December 16. Alhamdullilah.  There was no problem preparing our luggage because I had already prepared it since May.  We were supposed to fly in May but then had to postpone the journey because hubby had dengue fever and was hospitalised a week before the due date.  SubhanAllah.

On the morning of December 7, our children except for Kak Long and family sent us to KLIA.  We left the house at 5.30am.  We began our journey after our son Wahiduzzaman did the Azan.  Khairulzaman then drove us in our pick-up truck whilst Kak Ngah, her hubby Aminn and Wahiduzzaman followed in their car with Badruzzaman and Maisara at the rear.  We had our solat fajr at the toll towards KLIA.  

 (having our breakfast at McD KliA)

(Ayeshah with Sofiyah)

 (Ayeshah with her hubby Aminuddin)


 (what is abah reading??)

We then had our breakfast at McD.  Then it was time for us to bid our goodbyes at the  International Departure entrance.  We gave each of our children big hugs and loving kisses after which we gave them our last wave as we passed Immigration. 

 (waiting for our flight)

 (on board MH8200)

Alhamdullilah we arrived Madinah airport as scheduled, safely, The bus was already waiting for us to take us to the hotel Anwar Movenpick in Madinah.  After leaving our luggage in the bus, we headed to the nearby Masjid to do our solat Jamak Asar/Zohor.  Luckily hubby brought along his jacket because the weather was 15 degrees Celcius.

 (view from the Ladies prayer hall at the Masjid)

(view from the bus)

 (Sofiyah and I upon arrival at Madinah Airport)

(hubby nicely wrapped up...hehehe..)

When we reached Movenpick our room was at level 10.  All three of us shared the same room. Alhamdullilah.  Our room was at Madinah Tower so we did not get to view the Masjid Nabawi.  

(wefie while waiting for hubby to replace the door key)

After we checked into our hotel room, hubby left for Masjid Nabawi for solat Maghrib.  Sofiyah and I had our bath and solat Maghrib in our room.  After solat Maghrib we both walked to Masjid Nabawi which was just a stone throw from the hotel.  We were so excited, especially Sofiyah since this was her first visit to Masjid Nabawi.  Tears flowed as soon as I saw the Masjid Nabawi and I spoke softly within my heart....We are here to visit you our dear Prophet Muhammad SAW. Even while typing this my tears flowed....

On our second day in Madinah, Sofiyah and I visited Makam Rasullullah SAW and prayed at Raudhah We waited for our turn and obediently queued with the other ladies from South East Asia. While waiting we read the Noble Quran and also zikirullah.  Alhamdullilah we managed to solat sunat and doa at Raudhah.

 (Sofiyah....her first visit to Masjid Nabawi)

When I followed hubby for solat Fajr the third day, it was so cold that I was glad I was wearing my sweater under my telekong  When I entered the Masjid Nabawi at the ladies prayer hall, there were plenty of room to do my solat.  It was 4am.  Alhamdullillah.

After we had our breakfast, it was time for ziarah Masjid Quba'. ("sesiapa yang berwudhuk daripada rumahnya sehinggalah sampai di Masjid Quba' dan bersolat di dalamnya, baginya ganjaran seperti menunaikan Umrah".

 (Hubby buying fresh dates)

 Pictures at Masjid Nabawi when the 'Umbrellas' were opened....


and.....Open again...

and now a video.....

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