Friday, January 29, 2016

Jeruk Belimbing Buluh

My own recipe to make this Jeruk Belimbing Buluh is very very simple.
After plucking the belimbing buluh (I have my own belimbing buluh tree which hubby planted many years ago) slice a bit both ends of each belimbing bulu. Then wash thoroughly and let it dry in a sieve. 

Then pour the belimbing buluh into a bowl and mix it with salt. How much salt depends on the quantity of the belimbing buluh. Leave it aside for about two hours turning it over every half hour.

Then mix sugar with hot water until dissolve. The amount of sugar used is equivalent to the amount of salt used. Hot water should just cover the sugar used.  Stir the sugar with hot water until dissolve completely.  Let it cool.

After two hours remove belimbing buluh from bowl into plastic or glass bottles into equal amounts. Then add the dissolved sugar also into equal amounts. Then fill the bottle with water until all the belimbing buluhs are submerged.  Stir well and close the lid. Leave it at room temperature for twenty four hours. Keep in fridge the next day.

To eat? Scoop a few belimbing buluhs into a bowl. Add cili padi. Just break it into two...the cili padi. Then add a few spoons of the belimbing buluh juice into the bowl. Try sipping the juice.  Delicious. It should taste sweet and a little salty. Then eat the belimbing buluh with rice mix with the juice....Oh my jeruk belimbing buluh........soooooo sedappppp

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