Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A day before Eid Adha

I cooked fried rice for breakfast afterwhich I began preparing the ingredients to cook chicken rendang.  I was fasting today i.e. 10th Zulhijjah.

When hubby returned after buying fresh coconut milk, eight kilos, I began cooking the coconut milk.  It took almost three hours to get the coconut oil extract.

After pouring the marinated kampung chicken, it took another three hours to cook the chicken rendang.  Sofiyah helped to turn over the rendang whilst I took a short nap.

Then after solat asar I began cooking the nasi himpit.  I did not make original ketupat because it was difficult to get the ketupat casings.  Frankly I do not know how to weave ketupat casings. 😦

Since there was still time before iftar I cooked kuah favourite dish to eat with the instant ketupat and chicken rendang. Yummy.....

Kak ngah and her husband Aminn arrived after eshaq on their way to Kota Tinggi.  So after they had their dinner I prepared ketupats and rendang for them to bring to Kota Tinggi.

After they left, kak long and her hubby with their son Muhammad arrived.  Muhammad was a bit moody after his long journey from home.  But he warmed up a while later and we all had fun playing with him.  Kak long and her family then left for Lizloteng.  They were staying there over the long weekend.

Oh at Rumah Liza we installed a basic First Aid box. Alhamdullillah.

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