Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Balik kampong.......

Sofiyah and I drove to Seremban after I fetched her at her tuition centre.  In the car, besides our suitcases, were the large kuali, the huge stainless steel periuk, a cooler box with eight packets of frozen kampung chicken, last night leftover dinner too.

We had our solat zuhur at the Setul Toll Plaza LEKAS.  Then we drove to our Mercs workshop at Lombong Emas.  My Mercs were due for servicing.  So whilst Ah Boy did the servicing, Sofiyah and I rested in the waiting room. The sofa was so comfortable that we both doze off.

After the servicing we then drove to Rumah Liza.  It was almost four o'clock when we reached RL. 

Whilst unloading our stuff I suddenly remembered what Ah Boy said to me when he took the car keys.  "Aiyaaa....you bikin ini Mercs you punya store ka? "
Ah Boy was refering to the Mercs back seat full of stuff.  Heheehe...

I then began warming last night's dinner and laid the table with Sofiyah's help.  When hubby, Bard and Wahid arrived we all had dinner in the kitchen area. Alhamdullillah.

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