Thursday, September 24, 2015

Hari Raya Qurban

Hubby and I went to Masjid Pekan Pedas for our Eid Adha prayers.  It was 8.15am and the womens' prayer hall were almost full.  I managed to get a space second row along the Masjid's corridor. Alhamdullillah.

When we returned to our homestay Rumah Liza our son-in-law were right behind us.  After greeting us he went to Lizloteng to fetch kak long and Muhammad.

I was busy preparing breakfast when I noticed a group of monkeys near the ciku tree.  There were ten monkeys.  They were watching me and I them. Heheehe....

They really got sharp ears because when I clicked my phone camera....they ran and disappeared into the woods behind Rumah Liza.

Around 4pm Wahid drove me and Sofiyah to my parents' abode.  We were greeted by my neice Ain Fitrah.  She was with her dad, my kid brother Zulfitri.  Fitri was taking a nap when we arrived.  Dad was watching tv.  Mak was watching tv too.  I gave them both big hugs and kisses too.

I then served abah and mak the ketupat and rendang which I brought.  After solat maghrib I sponge mak and changed her bedsheets.  I also mopped the house and clean the kitchen too.

Wahid, Sofiyah and I returned to Rumah Liza after solat eshaq.  Alhamdullillah we reached home safely.  Kak long and her family were there too. ☺

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