Saturday, November 29, 2014

Two weddings and tea for four...

Hubby and I attended two weddings today. First wedding was Mohd Rajah's eldest son Mohd Ridzuan at the Surau Al Hijrah in Kota Kemuning.

These are photos which I took using my Samsung Grande.  I will post more pictures shot by Mohd Rajah's son Mohd  Rafiq and Mohd Rashid using my Canon EOS1100D.

Then hubby and I attended his relative's  daughter's wedding at Dewan Sri Siantan in Putrajaya.

I ate Laksa Penang whilst hubby ate the nasi beriani.  The laksa was delicious. Anyway..I was looking around the hall when I noticed a very familiar face....and figure....heheè....

She was my best friend since I was a teenager...and I was also her bridesmaid when she got married. She got married earlier than me. She is Kamaliah....

It seemed she was at the wedding too because the bride's father is her husband's, Jasni, best friend and Jasni was the best man when the bride's father got married....

The last time I met Kamaliah was at her eldest daughter's wedding two years ago.  Hubby then took our picture.  I also took the opportunity to invite Kamaliah and family to Ayeshah's wedding next year, In shaa Allah.

Then from Putrajaya hubby and I drove to Maytower to meet Kiyo san our property agent from Himland. We apologised to Kiyo san for being a little late for our appointment.

Kiyo san was with his lovely fiancee. We then had tea at the coffee house. We found during our conversation that Kiyo san loves we said we will invite him and fiancee during durian season next year at our farm, In shaa Allah.

(The groom with his family)

(The beautiful bride)

(the groom's father)

(Me with Kamaliah)

(Hubby, Kiyo san and his lovely fiancee, me)

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