Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Countdown - Dec 2010 (Part 1)

My nephews and nieces wanted to have a get-together. They have not had one for some time now. When they were small, they would gather at their grandparents house in Pedas. But eversince their grandparents were no longer around, they got to meet each other only when there were weddings, engagements or during Hari Raya.

Being their aunty, with a FB account, and also, sporting and fun (I am fun!!), they want me to help them organise the forthcoming event. This event is strictly for them, excluding their uncles and aunties.

They have decided the date and venue. So, a mini discussion between Suhaimy (mimi) and myself will take effect this afternoon at Mimi's house. Then only we can all meet, either at my house in Kajang or Lizloteng in Pedas, to discuss the itinerary for that event.

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