Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My handsome pen-pal (Part 7)

The next morning at the office, I received a letter from my husband. He wrote how much he missed me and would like to meet me again. There was no mobile phones during those times, so we kept in touch via snail mail.

I would receive 3 letters every week. In fact, he wrote to me almost everyday! Then he called me and wanted to meet me to share his MCE results. I took half day leave to be with him. Mr Sethu was a bit reluctant to approve my leave, but since I completed my tasks, he allowed me to go.

My husband was waiting for me at Paul corner (our meeting point). It is actually Paul Street. There he was leaning against a pillar, again, smiling from ear to ear. Happy to meet me or his exam results were perfect??!

We shook hands and he immediately showed me his results. Wow! He got 2nd grade. He would have got 1st grade by just a point!! I congratulated him and felt honoured because he came to see me right after getting his results at his school. We then spend the rest of the day at the Lake gardens.

After that second date, we wrote letters almost everyday. Of course, to save our postage, we used the technique which my husband taught me when I was in Singapore. We would smear the stamp with starch, let it dry first and then post it. Clever eh??!

Mr Sethu was puzzled why I suddenly received letters almost everyday. Sometimes two letters a day!! But then, we do not have telephones at home,so we kept in touch via letters.

Then my husband called me again, wanting to meet me for the third time. This time he has to attend an interview to enter university. Since the interview falls on a working day, I again had to take leave.

By this time, I have this 'one kind of feeling' which I just could not describe. We met at the bus terminal and walked to the Mara building in Jalan Rahang. I waited for him until he finished the interview. Then, we took the bus to Port Dickson town and another bus to 5th mile. While waiting for the bus to 5th mile, a Chinese woman approached me and spoke to me in Chinese. I just looked at her, stunned, and told her, I don't speak Chinese. She looked at me again, and started to laugh, I laughed too, so did my husband. She said, "Gua ingat lu China, lu rupa macam ah moy lor" (I thought you Chinese, you look like an ah moy (chinese girl).). I was wearing skirt at that time!! No wonder she thought I was Chinese. Maybe because I have fair complexion... hmmmmm. But then....

When we reached 5th mile, the beach was deserted. It was low tide. So, we looked around for a tree to lean on, and found one. So... we sat and talked and talked and talked and we laughed a lot too. My husband was so funny. Suddenly we realised we were sitting under a tree with no leaves!!! Meaning, we were leaning against a dead tree!!! No wonder we could not feel the shade!! Hahahhaaa.. But then....

It was time to part, again. This time I felt so heavy to say our goodbyes. Was it Love??? Have I started to fall in Love...???

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