Sunday, July 15, 2018

Fraser's Hill Tristate Ultra Trail 2018

I woke up when I heard the Azan from the nearby Masjid.  Laling went to the Masjid for his solat.  After I had my bath, I did my solat Fajr and also read the Noble Quran.  Whilst reading, Laling returned from the Masjid. It was already 6.40am.  I then did my warm ups in our room.  I was surprised when Laling said he will accompany me to the Starting Line. Alhamdulillah.

When we arrived at the venue, I noticed there were not many runners for the 15Km category.  In fact, the organiser said they will not check our backpack for the mandatory items.  What lah..... I brought along all the things they said mandatory.

Then whilst waiting for the Start gun, I wanted to drink from my water bladder. Imagine my shock and panic when not a drop pass through. I tried several times but failed.

So I approached this bro and told him my problem. He did try to assist, but alas I still could not drink from my water bladder. Feeling frustrated I approached this group of runners and they too helped to ensure I could drink from my water bladder. They even helped to remove the water bladder and tried to find out what went wrong. At first water did flow out, I was thankful to them. But then when they put the water bladder back into the pocket, and when I tried to drink, again no water flowed. Since it was almost time to Start the run, I thanked them profusely. They said maybe once I began running the water bladder will function then.

Well, unfortunately it did not. So, at the first CP KM5 where the water station was also located, I managed to drink and also ate a banana. Alhamdulillah.

I was feeling extremely thirsty when ascending the hill after making a U-turn from the CP and tried my water bladder. It still did not function. Frustrated I almost gave up but, thankfully, when I arrived at this camp site where I saw a group of hikers. I asked for water and they willingly poured a cup for me (cup bring own self...mandatory item!)

One of them asked me whether I have finished my drinking water since he saw me wearing my Salomon. I informed him I was unable to drink from the water bladder since it malfunctioned. Again they willingly helped to check and rectify the problem. Alhamdulillah they managed to make my water bladder function again. I thanked them and continued my run.

When I arrived at the entrance of Hemmant Trail where the second WS was located, I did not stop to drink. Then halfway into Hemmant Trail, guess who I bumped into? My laling! He did not continue his sleep after all but was worried about me and came looking for me when he noticed most 15KM runners have Finished their run. So laling followed me until we reached the end of Hemmant Trail.

There were no signage to indicate where 15KM runners should continue their run. Just bold black arrows pointing at the entrance of Bishops Trail. I then asked two runners infront of me whether 15KM runners follow this trail. They replied affirmative. So I followed with Laling close behind me.

Then along Bishops Trail I saw this lady runner infront of me walking so slowly. I caught up with her and she told me her ankle was hurting very badly. So I told her my laling and I will accompany her until we reached the end of Bishops Trail.

The trail was very slippery and there were plenty of decayed tree trunks across our paths. Huge tree trunks. We just could not leave the lady runner on her own so we helped her the best we could. She is one strong and very determined lady runner. Of course she could not run anymore. So we too walked with her.

Alhamdulillah I still have plenty of water so I shared it with her whenever she felt thirsty. We could not call for help since there was no mobile signal in this jungle. So slowly we made our way to the end of Bishops Trail.

Then at the entrance of Maxwell Trail, she managed to call her running buddy. When we reached the main road, laling told her to wait at the hut by the roadside. Since it was a busy road, she said it was okay to leave her there and wait for her friend. She then gave me a big hug and thanked me. Then she shook Laling's hand and thanked him too.

Laling then asked me whether I wanted to quit the run. I told him I may be the last runner, but I will not quit. I want to Finish my run regardless of the time. I knew I have exceeded COT which was at four hours flat.

Laling and I then began ascending the hill and infront of The Pines we saw the BOMBA orange pickup truck driving downhill. We guessed BOMBA was picking up the injured runner. True indeed because when the BOMBA passed by us again, there was the lady runner and her friend. She waved at us and shouted her thanks again and again. We were with her the last two hours and did not get her name.

Laling needed to go to the toilet when we passed the horse riding ranch and archery. So he told me to go ahead and Finish the run.

I was so disappointed when I arrived at Finished and they (the crew at the Finish line) told me I DNF. I should have explained to them not to DNF me since I was helping an injured runner. Frustrated I returned to the hotel.

When laling returned to our room he asked whether I received a medal. I told him   its ok if I did not get a medal, but it hurts lots when they said I DNF.

Laling then comforted me and told me he would speak to the organiser and explained what I went through.

When we checked out of our hotel, laling drove to the event venue and met with Mr Toto. Mr Toto promised to look into this matter tomorrow. According to him there were 36 DNF runners, me included. 😢😢😢

(Photo Credit above: Fraser's Hill Tristate Ultra Trail 2018)

 (along Bishops Trail, so close to the ravine)

(My Hero selfie)

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