Tuesday, May 22, 2018

My Right Toe Nail

It was after solat Witir at Masjid Uniten last night, when I was adjusting my right foot to sit properly, that I suddenly felt a sharp pain on my right toe nail. It lasted for a few seconds.  So I just ignored it.

Then when I arrived home, I took off my socks and took a look at my toe nail.  Nothing abnormal so I went to the kitchen and have mee hoon soup.  Always hungry after Teraweeh. Hehehe....

When I woke up for Sahoor this morning, and was removing my socks (I slept with socks on) to go to the bathroom, that I felt that sharp pain again.  So I removed the socks slowly.  Then took another look at my toe nail.  But this time I touched it and.....Subhanallah....the toe nail was coming off.  I could flip it open.  So takut.....

I then took a video and post it to my family wassap group since everyone was still asleep.  Then after sahoor, no one asked about my toe nail.  Well, I guess they have not seen the video.  Never mind lah. Do not want to worry everyone.

As usual after solat Fajr and reading the Noble Quran, I went back to sleep.  When I woke up, there was nobody at home.  Then I called KPJ Kajang to see Dr Surendra Masilamoney (orthopaedic surgeon) but his nurse informed me to get a GL from our panel clinic.

At the panel clinic, the doctor said she could remove the nail for me.  But I refused and insisted to see a specialist.  Then with the GL I went to see Dr Surendra. Alhamdulillah, Dr Surendra explained the problem and procedure very professionally unlike the doctor at the panel clinic.

In shaa Allah, surgery scheduled tomorrow at 9.30am.  

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