Saturday, May 19, 2018

Iftar with Family

(Khairulzaman took these photos using his new mobile)

(Medina being fed lunch by her papa before 'balik kampong for Iftar. 😀)

The contractor came this morning to replace our toilet with a new one.  It uses hydraulic when covering the toilet seat after use. Heheee.... It also has a foot stool to put both feet when using the w.c. as though we are squatting when using it. Hahahaa.....

Anyway all my children and cucus 'balik kampong' to have Iftar with us.  It was funny when I heard the balik kampong coming from kak ngah.  Her house is so close to us and took her and family hardly five minutes to arrive.  Balik kampong indeed.😄 😍

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