Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Medina's First Spoonfed

Nekliz babysit Medina again today.  She woke up, again at 9.30am.  Then I bathe her and bottle-fed her (her Mak's stored breastmilk).  As usual Medina loves bathing.  I put her in the huge laundry basin (no tub, tub left at Mak's house) because the bathroom sink could no longer accommodate her. She's getting chubbier and heavier. Alhamdulillah. After finishing her milk, I put her in the stroller (a present when Sofiyah was a baby) now almost twenty years and still looking good. I then pushed her around the neighbourhood.  It was almost fifteen minutes before eleven o'clock, so we returned home.  Not healthy to be outdoors between 11am to 3pm.

I had a lot of ironing to do, so I put Medina on the huge cushion and gave her, her chewing toys, turned on the television to watch CNA whilst doing the ironing.  Once a while I would pick her up and played with her.

Then her uncle Khairulzaman came and played with her.  Uncle Khairulzaman leaving for work yet have time to play with his adorable niece.

Medina's Mak then arrived from work (she took half day leave) to feed Medina for the first time.  Her first solid food.  Mak prepared the blended Avocado for Medina.  Nekliz had the honour of feeding her first. Actually her Mak don't know how to feed her first time.  So I taught Mak how to feed Medina. Alhamdulillah she loves the Avocado.  Mak said three days Avocado, followed by Brocolli, carrots, potatoes etc.  When Medina's Mak was a baby, Nekliz fed her tepung beras boiled over slow fire only.  😀😀😀

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