Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Penang Vacation Day Two

After our breakfast, all of us, except hubby, drove to Komtar.  But then, we had to look for a cobbler to mend Khairul's shoes.  One of its sole had came off.  So we googled and found a street cobbler infront of CIMB near Gurney Plaza.  Since it would take at least an hour for the cobbler to mend his shoes, we all went to Gurney Plaza to pass the time.

We finally reached Komtar and found the entrance to The Top.  After parking our suv, we took the lift to level 57.  Bought our tickets and then proceeded to level 65.  Then to level 67 where the Rainbow Skywalk is.

Then from Komtar we went to Penang Hill.  We had our solat at the Masjid on Penang Hill.  When Wahiduzzaman purchased our tickets for the tram ride, I was given a Senior Citizens' rate.  It was a blessing because I will only be sixty in June. 😁

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