Monday, February 26, 2018

Penang Trip Day One

We had our short vacay during Sofiyah's semester break.  We left for Penang at 9am.  Khairul was driving and we had our brunch at R & R Sg Buloh.  

As usual, we took the Penang ferry and upon reaching Penang Island, we drove to Masjid Kapitan for our solat. Then off to Gurney Drive to eat Laksa Penang and Rojak Pesambur.  But, none of the Laksa stalls were opened, so we just had Rojak Pesambur.

When we finally arrived at Holiday Inn, it was almost 4pm. After a short nap, all of us except hubby head to the beach for a swim and then to the hotel pool where we played volleyball. Wahid and I versus Khairul and Sofiyah. We had so much fun. The boys then played ping pong before we returned to our rooms.

I was too tired and slept early. Hubby and our children had their dinner and then went shopping along Ferringhi Road.

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