Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Pre Wukuf@Arafah

I was craving to eat a beef burger and so after solat Zuhor at Haram, I bought this beefburger and bryani rice with grilled chicken at a fast food outlet within Hilton Mall.

I ate the beef burger for lunch. The bryani chicken I kept for dinner with hubby later tonight.

The other pilgrims in our Andalusia group will be leaving for Mina after solat Asar. They are following the Hajj Tarwiyah where it is a sunnah which our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW did during his Hajj. 

The main road opposite our hotel were already deserted since many pilgrims too have left Makkah for Mina too.

Hubby and I had our dinner in our room when we returned from Haram after solat Eshaq.

Our room has an electric stove. So for dinner I heated the briyani chicken rice bought this afternoon. Luckily there's a cookerhood installed to suck up the smell and smoke. (Next time must bring small pan or kuali if stay here again. Love my room and this.hotel too. 😁)

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