Thursday, May 11, 2017

Medical Checkup at IJN

Hubby and I were stuck in traffic on our way to IJN for our Health Screening this morning. Thus we were an hour late for our appointment.

We were still waiting for our Stress test and Chest XRay when hubby received an emergency call from his HQ. So hubby has to leave whilst I continued with the other two tests.

Alhamdullillah I passed, except for the Bad Cholesterol where the Doc adviced me to see my Physician to get the correct medicine for my BC. Hubby will have to come again Saturday, In shaa Allah.

Oh ya...the IJN Wellness Centre serves us breakfast foc after taking our blood test. They have a kitchenette at the waiting lounge.

At the lobby whilst waiting for Khairul and Sofiyah to fetch me, I bought a few fresh bread at the Bread House. Delicious bread....

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