Tuesday, May 9, 2017

LV with Sofiyah..

This morning Sofiyah accompanied me running at Lake Valley BTHO.  I forgot to use my Garmin fitness watch when I ran. But I did turn on 'Samsung Health' app on my mobile.

After I walked one lap and ran two laps I was surprised to see my time 52 mins for 6.54Km.  Hmmmm....wah....I did good. Hahhaaa.......no lah. I think something wrong with the app. 😆😆😆

We then went to CIMB at Country Heights to update my book. Then we had breakfast at this nasi lemak stall near Sg Ramal Luar. This will be our first and last breakfast here. Hehehe....

Then we went to Tabung Haji to update my savings book. Alhamdullillah

After solat Zohor Sofiyah drove us to Maks abode to deliver the new set of Hot Cold Shower. Pity Mak have to take her bath without hot water when it broke down. Jazakallahu Khair to dear hubby for buying a new one. In shaa Allah hubby's nephew will install the new hot cold shower soonest.

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