Monday, February 20, 2017

ETS to Slim River

Off to Slim River again. So Khairul and Sofiyah sent me to KL Central to catch the 4pm ETS to Slim River. 

We arrived at KL Central twenty minutes before the train leaves.  I rushed to the tickets counter and after purchasing the one way ticket, I was told to go to the KTM platform at GL. I was one of the few last minute passengers boarding the ETS.

After getting my seat, the train starts on its journey.  The movie today was Kung Fu Panda. 🙄

I noticed for the first time, the wide glassed windows has shades which one can pull down to block the sun rays. 😆

I waited for laling when I reached Slim River. When laling finally came we drove to the hotel. We break fast in our room. Dates with hot Milo.

After our solat we had our dinner at one of the restaurants near the hotel. Alhamdullillah.

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