Sunday, January 8, 2017

Training for 5K 2017

After my last run in November i.e. the Alliance Pacer Run 2016 at Putrajaya, I became lazy and stopped running altogether. 😆😆😆

But.....I did a lot of walking. Walking at the mall, walking to catch the train, walking to the Masjid, walking to my neighbours abode, walking with my mak on her wheelchair etc etc etc.....

So.....since my first run for this year will be the Cyberjaya Twincity Run 2017 on January 15 (six days from now) I decided to begin training. Hehehe.....

My grandson arrived this afternoon, so after solat Asar, since grandson was in his stroller, I took him for a walk around our Taman. Then after warming up, I walked to the school field near our abode and I began brisk walking. After a few rounds, the local football team arrived and played football.

I then moved to the school compound and began running slowly.  I feared being hit by the football if the players accidentally kicked the ball towards me. 

After about thirty minutes I returned home.  I managed to cover more than 2km. Alhamdullillah. 

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