Saturday, January 7, 2017

Kursus Haji 2017 (Week 3)

This morning hubby and I attended TH Kursus Haji 2017 at Masjid Penjara Kajang.  The hall was filled to the brim. Hubby as usual came late. 😒

It was funny when I bumped into hubby after the kursus at the hall's entrance.
We then went to his friend's children's wedding in Cheras.

After the wedding hubby drove me to Tung Shin Hospital for my acupuncture treatment.  My knee is giving me problems again. But Dr Cheow wants me to do acupuncture for my Bells Palsy as  maintenance although I was completely cured from BP.

When we reached home Kak Ngah and Amin were waiting for us. We then had tea with fried bananas. 

Then we all went to Old Timers Kopi at Bangi for dinner. Hubby and Khairulzaman went to Chip Lee to buy stationery whilst Kak Ngah, Amin, Wahid and I drove straight to Old Timers kopi. Badruzzaman and Maisarah with their baby then joined us.  Sofiyah was still at work (Day Three).

We fetched  Sofiyah when she called to pick her up.☺☺☺

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