Friday, January 13, 2017

Bib Collection @Cyberjaya

Kak Ngah watsapp me this morning whether I would like to follow her to Cyberjaya to collect our (laling, Sofiyah and I) race bibs for our Twincity Marathon at Cyberjaya. But we will be running 5K only. 😆😆😆

So after sending Sofiyah to work, I waited for kak ngah.  She took half day leave just to send me to Cyberjaya.😚

After collecting our race bibs, we went to Alamanda where we had Japanese food for our late lunch. It was kak ngah's treat. Hehee....

Then kak ngah took me to Timekeeper where I bought this HR monitor. Gamin Forerunner 35. It was costly too. Thank you to laling for giving me the 💰earlier as a NY gift. I finally got what I wished for. Alhamdullillah.

Since I was at Timekeeper, I requested that they have a look at my TagHeur.  It needs new battery and costs only RM40! 😮

Finally on our way home we drop by Badruzzaman's abode.  I brought three pieces of baby suits for Zavian. Maisarah wore him one pair and he looks adorable...🤗

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