Saturday, December 24, 2016

Kursus Haji (Week Two)

This morning I drove to Masjid Penjara Kajang alone because I want to be punctual.  Then I parked Mercs infront of the prison gate and walked down the flight of stairs to the masjid. 

The kursus Haji was held at the main prayer hall. Participants were informed about this during our first week. So I came prepared with the 'kerusi kuliah' which hubby bought at IKEA. Thus I could sit comfortably. Alhamdulillah.

The Ustaz could not come today since he had prior engagement. So today's topic was regarding health issues pre-Hajj. 

According to TH health officer, the first Hajj flight KT1 will be on 26th July 2017.   What a coincidence, 26th July is Kak long's birthday. 😍😍😍

After the kursus, hubby and I had breakfast at TTDI Grove. Then we returned home. Whilst I cooked lunch, hubby ran on the treadmill. When our children asked why abah suddenly wanted to run. Abah replied, Tabung Haji said must exercise during these seven months before performing Hajj. 😄😄😄

After solat Zohor, hubby, Sofiyah and I drove to Idzkandar's house at Alam Damai for kenduri Doa Selamat since his eldest son will be leaving for US of A to further his studies in Engineering. His son Imran is a Bank Negara Scholar. Alhamdullillah.

Badruzzaman, Maisarah and Muhammad Zavian then came too. We all had to stay longer because it rained heavily. 

The journey home took a long time because of heavy traffic.  I somehow doze off from Balakong until we reached home.  I was so happy when Badruzzaman and family stayed the night.😍😍😍

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