Sunday, October 9, 2016

Third Grandchild - A Grandson, Alhamdullillah

I was fast asleep when my mobile rang at 4.30am. The ringing tone was Search's famous song...."Demi cintaku padamu..ku serahkan jiwa dan raga.....". The call was from laling hubby.  He was in Pedas.

He informed me that our son Badruzzaman informed him that our daughter-in-law Maisara was admitted at KPJ Kajang labour ward.  

I wanted to go to KPJ asap but hubby said better wait until after solat Fajr.  So I did. I drove to KPJ at 6.30am and went straight to the Maternity ward on level 3.  

There was no one in the waiting lounge so I have it all to myself. Then I watsapp Badruzzaman that I have arrived and also brought along bread and chocolate drinks.  He said he was hungry.

Badruzzaman looked tired when he came to meet me.  I hug him and told him not to worry so much.  In shaa Allah Maisara will deliver their baby safely.

I recollect three years ago when kak long delivered her son here at KPJ.  The whole family waited in the waiting lounge.  It was wonderful.  But was just me.

I was about to doze off when Badruzzaman came out of the labour ward, smiling happily and hug me.  He informed me that Maisara have delivered their son safely. Alhamdullillah. I congratulated him and said, "You are a daddy now". 

Shortly after Maisara's parents arrived.  We congratulated each other and waited anxiously to see our grandson.  Our grandson was born at 8.20am today. Alhamdulillah.

While waiting for Maisara transferred to her room 301, her parents, kak Ngah and her husband Amin, kak Ngah's mother-in-law Juliyah and her daughter Yana, hubby and I (hubby arrived from Pedas a few minutes after Maisara's parents) had brunch at the KPJ cafeteria.

I was touched when Juliyah came to join us welcoming our grandson.  We took a picture together, the three of us i.e. Juliyah, Hamima (Maisara's mom) and I. ❤❤❤

It was almost 1pm when Maisara was finally transferred to her room.  We finally met our grandson after I solat Zohor at KPJ Musollah. Hubby had to return to Pedas to bury our grandson's placenta. Alhamdullillah.

Our grandson has no name yet. His parents have seven days to decide a name for him. My doa for my grandson, May he grow up healthy with Allah's blessing always and be a pious son. Amiinn.

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