Saturday, August 20, 2016

Kidney Stone - Pantai Hospital

When I woke up at dawn yesterday (Friday) morning for solat Fajr, it was so cold. The hotel room does not have airconditioning yet I felt chilly. Helloooooo....this is Fraser's Hill lah.....

Anyway, after solat Fajr I wanted to read the Noble Quran, but I changed my mind and went back to sleep since hubby also slept after his solat Fajr.

Then as I was about to lie down, I felt a sharp pain on my right abdomen.  I thought it was just a tummy cramp, but on my right side?  I began to panic when the pain became unbearable and woke up hubby.  When hubby saw me crying in pain, he panic too.

I described to hubby the pain I endured and he told me to be patient whilst he get a wheelchair from the hotel to take me to our SUV.

When hubby came to our room ten minutes later, there was no wheelchair (the hotel does not have one) but the luggage trolley which the hotel staff brought along. So there I sat on the trolley and hubby and the bell boy pushed me to the car park.  If I was not in so much pain, I would have laughed on seeing the trolley.

Hubby then drove me to the only clinic on Fraser's Hill situated opposite the Police Station. There was no doctor available except for a Medical Assistant and a nurse.

When the MA examined me, he said I had appendix and the ambulance would take me to Raub Hospital.  Hubby refused and insisted that I go to KKB Hospital which is closer than Raub. MA said ambulance cannot go to KKB because its in Selangor, so hubby will have to drive me.

During the journey from Fraser's Hill to KKB took almost an hour. I vomited a few times and wept silently because of the pain.  Hubby looked worried but he drove so fast until we reached KKB town.

Then hubby asked me whether he could drive straight to KL and that for me to be patient a little longer because the journey will take another hour.  I agreed.

Hubby then drove to Pantai Hospital in Bangsar and took me to Emergency.  The lady MO who attended to me then confirmed that it was not appendix but kidney stone. Then the specialist a Dr Zain attended to me.  My abdomen was Xrayed and then a CT scan confirmed I had kidney stone.  So I was warded and I was then referred to Dr Adam Chow.

In the evening, all my children came to visit, also my son-in-law Ahmad.  Kak long could not come since Adeena was unwell. 

Hubby slept at the hospital too, accompanying me for my first night here. Tqvm laling. ❤❤❤

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