Sunday, June 12, 2016

Ramadan Day Seven

This morning when I woke up to prepare sahoor, Khairul was watching UEFA. Hmmm......

I ate the Acar buah with roti naan for sahoor.  Our clerk Puan Aini cooked it herself every Ramadan.  She gave one big bottle so I transferred it into smaller door gift  bottles for ease when I travel....yum yum..😋

Anyway after solat Fajr I went back to sleep and woke up when the mobile alarm went off.  I was a bit blurred.....hey, where got Tadarrus at BTHO on weekends?

Then I remembered that I havd Arabic class today.  So I watsapp Kak Zahridah to remind her that we go together for class at 8.30am.  She replied and said class began at 9.30am. 😆😆😆

Our class ended at 11.30am.  During Ramadan our classes will be in the morning from 9.30am to 11.30am.  Alhamdullillah.

In the afternoon hubby went to Bangi Diamond to purchase dates, cashew (my favourite) and hazel nuts as well as Zam Zam water.

He then delivered some to big bro Zakaria and big bro Abu Bakar (I fondly call bro Burn☺) in the evening after Asar.

Kak Ngah and Amin came to deliver frozen pau and kuih onde2 which she cooked herself. In return I gave her frozen epok2 and lauk Udang Besar masak Lemak Cili Api sama kacang buncis.  Well when we ate her onde2 during Iftar, hubby said still got room for improvement. 😉

As usual we had our Solat Teraweeh at Masjid Uniten. Alhamdullillah.

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