Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Kelas Mengaji di BTHO

My Zumba group Chief at BTHO invited me to join their Quranic classes scheduled three times a week i.e. Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  I need to choose only  any one day.  So I decided to join Wednesdays.  

Then I remembered that I have to take abah to KK Ampangan for his follow up with the Doc there Wedneday.  So I rang Chief and she told me I could come Tuesday instead.

Wahiduzzaman helped me set up Waze so that I could reach the venue faster since I was unfamiliar at BTHO.

Alhamdullillah I reached the venue safely but a little late. Chief welcomed me warmly and introduced me to the Ustaz and the other ladies present.

Since I was new, I was the last to read the Noble Quran.  Ustaz Mohammad Faisal Mohammad Noor is the Imam Satu at Masjid BTHO. Ustaz then told me to begin reading from Surah Al Fatihah.  Then on to Surah Albaqarah until ayat sixteen. Alhamdullillah.

Ustaz then introduced me to everyone and encouraged me to tell everyone re my background.  When I told them I learnt the Noble Quran from various Ustaz(s) and aslo ustazah(s), Ustaz Mohd Faisal said he knew most of the Ustaz(s) I mentioned. Ustaz Mohd Fazri (Imam Masjid Kajang) Ustaz Abdullah Bukhairi (UIA) Ustaz Zulkhairi (UIA) Ustaz Mohd Khair (UIA).  Alhamdullillah. 

But the one person who taught me reading the Muqaddam and then the Noble Quran as well as learning to do Solat five times daily was 'Wak Taib'.  I was just six years old then.  I remembered never calling him 'Ustaz', just Wak Taib.  

Wak Taib would be sitting cross-legged against the balcony wall and we, his students from six years old onwards, would take our turn to read the Muqaddam.  He has this thin long bamboo cane (rotan) where he tied rubber bands at its tip.  He never use the rotan to cane us if we read wrongly, instead he would point the rotan tip at our lips and we could feel the rubber bands brushing our lips as he pulled the rotan away. Yuks!  I think that was why we learnt reading the Muqaddam faster. I remembered every time he did that to me, I would quickly wipe my lips and ensured I did not make any more mistake.  

After completing reading the Muqaddam, Wak Taib then taught me reading the Noble Quran.  But it was a long process because I have to spell the ayat Quran first before reading it.  

Under Wak Taib's tutelage I khatam the Noble Quran when I was eight years old. Alhamdullillah.

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