Friday, May 6, 2016

Friday Zumba At BTHO

Hubby left early for work this morning, so I have to send Sofiyah to school.  I was contemplating whether to attend Zumba class at BTHO this morning. Colour theme....Yellow. 

True to what Hanim of MAKNA told me about absenting from Zumba classes almost two weeks....I may have to force myself to attend. true so true.

Oh well....did my chores and then it was already 8.25am.  Ermmmm.....still got time I put on my Zumba gear and off I drove to BTHO Community Hall.

While driving along Cheras Highway at 120Kmh I noticed a car flash flash on the opposite down lah....

Well traffic policeman under the flyover lah....speed trap!

Hahahhaha.......thank you flasher....

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