Thursday, April 7, 2016

Dating with Hubby

I could not sleep well last night because my body were itchy and I was scratching all over.  Then when I woke up for solat fajr I found rashes on my body.....reddish and very very itcy.

So after sending hubby to KPJ for his follow-up appointment with his orthopaedic surgeon I went to Kelinik Dr Karim re my rashes.  Dr Aireena attended to me and she gave me an injection plus medicines for my rashes.  In shaa Allah I will recover.

I was having toast and two eggs sunny side up for my breakfast when hubby called to fetch him at KPJ.  So I left my breakfast and drove to KPJ.  Hubby was already waiting at the lobby. Alhamdulillah his Doctor said hubby is recovering well but needs to continue physio for another month. 

Hubby then left for work but not before he asked me whether I would like to accompany him at Slim River.  I said of course I would love too..... in fact I have already packed my bag for a night stay when situations like this came spur at the moment.....yeyy yeyyy yeyyyyy....

So after fetching Sofiyah at school and arranged with Wahid to send Sofiyah for her tuition class in the evening I got ready for my journey to Slim River. Yahoooooo!!!

I called KTM to enquire re ETS schedule to Slim River. There are still tickets to Slim River at 5.30pm.  Therefore I need to be at KL Central latest 5pm.  So I need to leave home latest 3.30pm to catch the train to KL Central from Kajang KTM Station.

When I told Kak Ngah the taxi fare from home to KTM cost RM16 (so darn expensive for a five minutes journey) she offered to send me to the station.  I reached KTM at 4pm bought the ticket to KL Central and waited for the train. 

The train arrived sharp at 4.20pm and reached KL Central at 4.50pm.     I then went to the KTM inter-city ticket counter to purchase a ticket to Slim River. My queue number 2016. There were five passengers ahead of me and the time was already 5.00pm.  By the time it was my turn it was already 5.10pm. The fare was RM23.00 for a one and a half hour journey.

The train will leave 5.30pm sharp and I have not solat Asar. I only have about fifteen minutes before departure.  I decided to do my solat on board.

I then went to Gate B for boarding.  Surprise! Surprise! After I got seated at Coach E Seat 5B I heard over the intercom that a Musollah is available at Coach C.  Alhamdullillah.

Suddenly the phone rang and it was hubby calling.  He was still at his office in Shah Alam and I was already on my way to Slim River. Hehee..... So hubby told me to check into the hotel once I reached Slim River and to wait him there.

I then made my way to Coach C and found the Musollah beside the buffet counter.  The Musollah is for both Male and Female who wants to perform solat.  So one have to wait for one's turn because the Musollah can only accommodate two persons.  Telekung and prayer mats are available too.  There is also a Qiblat Compass attached to the wall in the Musollah.

There is also an area for wudhuk. Be careful because you need to balance yourself since the train is moving all the time. Then when I solat I did it sitting on the floor.  I tried to stand up but difficult to balance myself. Alhamdullillah I completed my solat Asar on a moving train.

When I finally reached Slim River there were only three passengers embarking including yours truly.  I enquired from a brother where I could hire a taxi and he directed me to the bus terminal which was about 100 metres from the train station. 

On my way there I asked another guy and he told me to look for the pasar malam area near the terminal.  When I saw two guys walking with plastic bags (tapau-ed food) I realised I was almost there.  So I aporoached them (a father and son) and asked where I could get a taxi.  They told me no taxis at this hour. A bus? No have also.  Aiyaaaaa....

Then I asked them how far is Hotel Summit Signature. They said not far.  Then when I thanked them and wanted to walk there, the father offered to drive me there.  I refused because I did not want to trouble them. But father and son insisted because the hotel is about 1km from the terminal.  1km kacang to me lah problemo to walk there lah bro....

So I obliged and when I reached the hotel and wanted to pay them. They both refused.  So I thanked them and when I alighted from their car, I saw hubby's car at the parking lot. What!!! Hubby must have been driving at breakneck speed.  Fuyoooo....

I approached hubby and he was surprised that we both reached the hotel simultaneously. He said he was faster than the train. Ek eleh.....

We had our dinner at a tomyam restaurant after our jamaq and qasar prayers at the hotel.

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