Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sunday Zumba

I was ten minutes late for Zumba class this morning having woken at 8.20am after solat fajr.   Lucky for me I need not cook breakfast because my only daughter-in-law was already up and preparing breakfast.  Thank you Maisara.

When I reached the Community Hall, I could not get a parking lot.  I had to drive another half kilometre and parked Mercs infront of the primary school.  Thus I had to walk from the school to the hall.  Well.....the walk would warm me up for Zumba....hehehe.......

I missed the warm up session when I reached the hall. Well...never mind lah....  So I joined the class ten minutes late.

Today most of the songs for Zumba were Hindi songs. There were plenty of swaying and shimming and jumping (which I dared not I just bend my knees and sashayed.....).  When Zumba ended....I was quite exhausted but I enjoyed myself thoroughly. 

Looking forward mid week Zumba, In shaa Allah.

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