Friday, November 13, 2015

Tikar Mengkuang at Pasar Payang

After we had breakfast at the hotel, Khairul then drove Sofiyah and me to Pasar Payang.  It was a it was quite deserted.  There were few stalls opened for business.  In fact the whole street were deserted.

Sofiyah and I then went to level one of Pasar Payang to window shopped whilst hubby and sons went to the Masjid for Friday prayers.

Well.....level one was so stuffy that Sofiyah bought a hand fan to cool herself.  Hubby told us to look for Mengkuang mats and after going round and round the whole floor we came across this Makcik selling her Mengkuang handicrafts at Stall No.17.

When hubby came after Friday prayers with our sons...hubby bought half a dozen Mengkuang mats.  One of which is for Rumah Liza. Tqvm dear hubby.

Meanwhile....since our 'men' were at the Masjid, Sofiyah and I walked to the Tourists' office nearby.  Luckily there were a little shade for us to keep off the heat.  It was hot here in Ganu. And as usual....took pictures and selfies....

Then we went to Khairul's rented room just behind the Terengganu Specialist Hospital.  His roomate was away in Japan for two weeks, thus Khairul will have the house to himself.  I told Khairul to make sure he keeps the house clean at all times.

We then had lunch at the beach at a stall called Warong Adikberadik.  They served delicious sotong celop and other seafood dishes. 

On our way back to the hotel we toured the coastal village and reached our hotel before Maghrib. Alhamdullillah.

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