Friday, September 4, 2015

My Pak Long....Tuan Haji Adnan Yunus

I was cooking lunch, after returning from KK Sg Chua, when I received via watsapp, from my cousin niece Dayana Damiah Hj Hamdan, that my favourite uncle Pak Long Adnan (Mak's eldest brother) passed away.  I was stunned for a moment and called Dayana to confirm.  Tears flowed when Dayana confirmed that Pak Long has indeed left us all.

Every year, for the last thirty three years, hubby and I, from newly weds to having six children, would visit Pak Long every Eid Mubarak. Hubby and I would also visit him once a while or when we heard he was unwell.

Our children also loves Pak Long, whom they called Atuk Long.  Pak long is funny, jovial and kind and he loves children too. 

When we visited him last Eid Mubarak, he was looking frail and has lost weight a lot.  He even told us that this will be his last Eid Mubarak.  I was so sad when he said that.  When we left Pak Long's abode, as usual I would hug and kissed Pak Long's hand and both his cheeks.

After I received the sad news from Dayana, I called hubby to inform him of Pak Long's demise.  Hubby was shocked too.  He told me to proceed to Pak Long's  abode for the funeral and that he will joìn me there.  Hubby was in Shah Alam.

Since Sofiyah has a dental appointment and that Khairul would drive her there, Wahid then drove me to Pak Long's abode in Kepong KL.  On our way there we picked up Kak Ngah at Taman Desa where she parked her car and we proceeded to Kepong.  Traffic was bad. By the time we reached Pak Long's abode it was almost Asar.

We met Mak Long Ani (Pak Long's wife) and her children and we offered our condolences.  Pak Long's remains were already taken to Masjid Desa Jaya for funeral rites.

So we had our solat Asar at the Masjid and waited for hubby too.  Hubby was infact already at the Masjid and was helping to bathe and prepare Pak Long for his final journey. 

I had to fight back tears when I kissed Pak Long for the last time. Pak Long I love you and I am going to miss you lots. 😢😢😢

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