Saturday, August 22, 2015

Two Weddings....Not same Venue

I missed QI class again today.  Hubby with Khairul, Wahid and Sofiyah went to Simpang Renggam to attend Jaja's wedding reception, this time with the groom's family.  So Badruzzaman and I went to Amira's nikah ceremony at Hotel R n R Uniten.

Kak ngah and her hubby came for the wedding at Simpang Renggam from Kota Tinggi.  I was surprised to know that Amin and Khairul sang a song at the wedding too.  They did a duet singing "cinta kristal". Not bad said hubby. Heheehe....

As for me and Bard....we could not make it to Simpang Renggam.  The journey took more than three hours so if we drove there...the wedding venue would be empty by the time we arrived. 😑

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