Saturday, July 25, 2015

Raya Visitors @Mak's abode

I drove alone to Mak's abode after doing the house chores.  First I went to the pharmacy in Rasah to buy a jerry can of Dettol and also Mak's Teana adults' pampers.  I have tried other brands of adults pampers and found that Teana suited Mak very well.

When I reached Mak's abode, Abah was dozing in his lazy chair.  I gently woke him up and kissed his hand and also both his cheeks.  Then I went to dear Mak and she was watching TV so I kissed her hand and both her cheeks and also I gave her my big hugs.  I missed them both so much.

Then when Abah told me he had not had lunch and I was also hungry I went to buy chicken kebabs for the three of us.  The Restoren Nasi Arab Damsyik was the only restaurant opened that day near Mak's abode.

I began vacumming and moping the whole house after I did my solat zuhur.  I was quite exhausted and wanted to nap awhile when we had an unexpected visitor all the way from Paya Jaras Selangor.

It was my cousin's son and daughter with her family too.  Diyana  Damiah is my cousin (Datuk Prof Hj Hamdan Adnan and his wife Datin Ani) eldest daughter.  It was nice of her to visit my parents this Raya.  Thus she now takes over the visit which her parents usually did every Raya.

When Diyana left I was getting ready to leave after solat Asar when another group of Raya guests arrived.  They were Mak's relatives all the way from Gemas.  So again I have to entertain them. 

I finally left at 6.45pm and drove home to Kajang.  I reached home an hour later.  It was raining all the way from Seremban. 

Then after solat Eshaq, hubby, Wahid, Sofiyah and I went to our neighbour's house for Raya Open House.  The mutton curry served was delicious cooked by Tuan Haji Roslan who bought the mutton from our farm in Pedas.  Alhamdullillah.

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