Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Ramadan - Day Twenty Seven

Khairul sent me to Kajang train station after solat zuhur.  The station itself was undergoing a massive renovation thus the entrance to the station was moved to the multi level carpark entrance next door.  Sadly there was no ramp to drag my cabin size luggage, so have to carry it down the steep and narrow staircase.  

The train to Seremban arrived half an hour later.  It was packed with passengers, mostly students returning home for Raya.  I had to stand until Nilai before I could get a seat.  I felt sad because none of the young passengers cared to offer me a seat.  I dont mind because I could remain standing all the way to Seremban, but where are their compassion?? Did not they feel any sympathy to see a senior citizen standing infront of them and worst still, ignoring their existence?? When I was their age I easily gave up my seat for the elderly in a public transport, so did those in my generation.  

When I finally reached Seremban, it was almost four o'clock.  It was hot and sunny too.  Since the hotel Royale Bintang was quite close to the station,I decided to walk there.  But I had to cross the main road to reach the other side.  There were four lanes....and traffic was heavy..... I managed to cross until the third lane with cars whizzing infront and behind me.  Masyallah.....I was risking my life indeed crossing this busy road...until a very courteous driver halted his car a few feet away and waved his hand ushering me to cross.  Alhamdullillah I reached the other side safely.  Thank you courteous driver.  May Allah Bless you and your family.  Aamiinn.

I then walked pass the shopping mall, A & W, KWSP, KGV and also a Church beside KGV.  Infront of KWSP was a lady selling YAKULT so I bought RM5 from her.

Finally I reached the hotel and checked into room 510 (smoking floor).  That was the only room left with a KING size bed.  When I entered the room it smelt of ciggarette smoke.  So I called housekeeping and they sprayed the room with air freshener.  But then when hubby arrived from Tanjong Malim around 6pm hubby too complained the room stank.  So I called housekeeping to rid the ciggy smell at 8pm since we wont be in the room around that time.

I was so happy to meet hubby.  Really missing him much much. We then went to Masjid Negeri for buka puasa and solat Maghrib.  From our room we could see the Masjid Negeri's minarets.

After solat Maghrib, whilst waiting for solat Eshaq and Teraweeh, I read the noble Quran beginning Juzuk 30.  Alhamdulillah I managed to khatam the noble Quran just before azan Eshaq. 

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